P108H – Cannon Beach at Sunset, OR

During the years when I traveled for a computer software company, I often brought my camera. A co-worker and I decided to take an extra day after work and we traveled to Cannon Beach from Portland. When we first arrived, like most days along the Oregon coast, it was covered in high clouds. I’ve learned over the years that unsettled weather can often be beneficial if you’re patient enough. Luckily for me, my co-worker was just such a gal and we sat along a narrow trail going down to the beach and talked at this location for hours. Getting late in the day, she decided to go into town and pick up a pizza and a bottle of wine while I remained at the site in the event of a splash of light coming through the clouds. Soon after she left, the cloud layer was beginning to burn off and I could tell that I might just get lucky with this scene. By the time we were half way through our pizza, the sun decided to make an appearance from behind a series of clouds. Over the course of the next several minutes I snapped several shots, not knowing when the sun would once again go into hiding. As time went on, the light became increasingly softer with more vibrant oranges and yellows. This photograph is the last image of the series before the sun dipped behind a series of clouds to not be seen again this day. I’m sure our presence sitting along the trail with our pizza, wine and my camera made an interesting discussion over dinner for those who walked by.

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