P126H – Palm Tree Sunrise – Kauai, HI

I had just flown into Kauai from Oahu that morning on my way to the Napali Coast on the west side of the island to meet up with my girlfriend at the time. I arrived when it was still dark so I decided to scout for a sunrise photograph. It wasn’t going to be long before the sun was going to rise so I had to act quickly. Soon after leaving the airport, I saw a row of palm trees to the east in a small park between a series of what looked like condominiums. I found a good composition (which is actually much more difficult than it sounds), and waited for the sun. As sunrise approached, the undersides of the clouds were being lit up from the low angle sun. I took several photographs before the color faded from the clouds, but I selected this one as my favorite because of the balance of both light and dark clouds in the sky.

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