P166H – Khao Tapoo (James Bond Island), Phang-nah Bay, Thailand

Yes, this is where they filmed part of the James Bond movie called The Man With The Golden Gun in 1974. It’s a small island within a large grouping of islands in Phang-nah Bay, Thailand. The islands in this area are truly spectacular. I spent several days in the area touring some of the islands and towns. One of the days I did a kayak trip around and through some of the islands. Yes, through! Some of the islands have caves in them where you can kayak into, and then after a few moments it opens up in the middle like a volcano.

I know I was the talk of the main boat, which deployed the kayaks. Who else other than a crazy photographer would bring their camera backpack full of expensive gear onto an ocean kayak! But I was able to get photographs that no one else could get.

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