P229H – Lazy Palm, Seychelles

I had been looking for a drooping palm tree for years in all my tropical trips for just such a horizontal panoramic. I find out that they are actually quite rare because what causes them to droop also causes them to eventually fall completely, in which case it’s gone. I found this particular palm tree on the small island of La Digue in the Seychelles Islands.

Now all I had to do is get the right combination of tide and weather. Being a small island, I visited this tree at least a couple times a day in various tide conditions. Finally, towards the end of my trip on the island, I had the perfect cloudy sky with a relatively high tide; which carried out all the unwanted ocean debris. Add to that no people and “we have a winner”. Actually there were some topless beach sun worshipers just out of view which were a bit distracting but in the end I got the tree in the perfect light without disturbing anyone.

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