P257H – Moose Silhouette with Mt. Katahdin, ME

Taken at the eastern edge of Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter State Park, ME, I arrived the previous evening to photograph this wonderful lake the next morning. I’ve been at this lake three or four times over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. On this particular morning, there was no fog, which meant I could center my attention of capturing the early morning light on the colorful hillside of Mt. Katahdin. After capturing that shot (also available on this website), I decided to do some additional exploring. Although the golden light had passed, it was still worth touring around the lake; possibly I could come up with another angle for the evening or following morning.

While crossing the river stones on the eastern shore of the lake, I heard a moose in the trees. She was coming right for me. Obviously I wanted to get out of the way, and while I was at it, why not try for a quick photo. You have to work fast with these guys because they don’t stop to pose. I had my wide 115 degree angle lens on the camera from my earlier shot and there was certainly no time to change it. Actually I feel the photograph works quite nicely. Instead of a simple portrait of a moose, I obtained the moose within her surroundings. It’s about the scene in total, and not just about her.

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