P290H – Mooney Falls – Supai, Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon, AZ

A photographer friend and I decided to take a trip to Supi in the Grand Canyon several years ago. It’s a long haul down from the rim by foot clocking in at around 14 miles. Add another 2 to get to Mooney Falls. The color of the water in this part of the canyon is naturally aqua blue. Heavy lime deposits cause this water color to be similar to the color of water melting from glaciers. It’s sad to know that the beauty of this water dumps into the muddy waters of the Colorado River.

Many think that I airbrushed this photo or did something in Photo Shop. Actually nature itself caused the water to appear almost fog like. This photograph was taken in the very early morning at dawn. Only minimal light reflected into the canyon at this time, so subsequently this image took 24 seconds to record on film. When water is in motion for a long period of time, it softens it.

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