P120H – Bay Bridge at Sunset – San Francisco, CA

This evening shot of San Francisco was one that I’ve been wanting to capture for over three years. Over the three year period, I traveled to this location 29 times in the hopes that the late afternoon sky would produce a dramatic sunset like this. Although I achieved several other nice images (many can be seen on this website), to often the clouds either faded or became too heavy where the sun did not make an appearance. On this day in early January, my three year quest came to an end. Even the people in cars going across the bridge into the city were slowing down to take in the site.

Although it may appear that there are no cars on the bridge, I can assure you that several dozen went through my frame over the course of the 70 second exposure. Because they are in motion, they don’t appear in the photograph. All you see is the yellowish color of their headlights recorded on the pavement as they passed through, and an occasional rear (red) light streak or directional signal.

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