P136H – Jenne Farm in Winter – Reading, VT

This is probably the most famous farm in all of Vermont, and probably all of New England. The reason is because of the perfect composition of trees, rolling hills, valleys, and of course the layout of the farm itself. I’ve been to this farm on many occasions but only this one time in winter.

Many years ago I worked for a computer software company where my job involved a lot of travel. I would often travel with my camera gear if the trip crossed over a weekend or if I could take some time off. I had traveled to Boston and after my last appointment late Friday, I decided to drive several hundred miles to some of my favorite locations in New England. Seeing this farm in winter was one of my planned destinations. I arrived at the farm early Saturday and not 10 minutes after I got there, the snow decided to stop so the farm became visible. How perfect is that? Although a popular site for photographers, there was no one to be seen. They missed out because the snow was fresh and undisturbed. I took photos of the farm from many angles but I like this one best with my panoramic.

A couple years later, Budweiser created a commercial for the Christmas Holiday season where they used this photograph as the opening scene. I still see that commercial every once in awhile around the holidays.

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