P280H – Fall Colors – Lower Falls, Swift River, NH

Few places beat the fall colors of the North Eastern U.S. When timed correctly, and with good weather conditions, the foliage scenes are truly spectacular.

This particular day is what I’ll call “peak day”, because each of the trees was displaying their best. Unless you’ve actually seen foliage this intense, you would assume that the image has been enhanced. On this day, soft overcast light was shining on the foliage (harsh direct sunlight would have actually caused the scene to be too contrasty). Intense reds, oranges and yellows where just begging to be photographed.

Filmed just off the Kangamangus highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this particular road has quite an elevation change from one end to the other. The foliage color can be significantly different in just a few miles. Therefore, if the trees are still relatively green down low, go higher! This image was filmed up near the top of the mountain pass, close to scenic spot called Lower Falls.

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